Therapy, Coaching & Classes

A transformative approach to wellness.

Starting in New York City, Fall 2018

Our Mission

Octave envisions a society that is as emotionally resilient as it is fitness focused. We will support this by offering frictionless access to high quality care.

Our Approach

  • Designed by thought leaders who have written 70+ books on psychology.
  • Led by clinicians with 30+ years of experience.
  • Composed solely of practitioners who passed rigorous quality screens.
  • Delivered with a thoughtful approach to your experience with us.


Our team collectively addresses a wide variety of circumstances. We help you identify the best clinician based on your needs. Our sessions are in person at our calming and thoughtful Octave Studio.


Coaching focuses on giving you the skills to manage your own challenges. Our certified coaches have been trained in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and positive psychology skills to help you build habits that make you more productive and resilient.


Join a class at the Octave Studio on a growing number of topics, including mindfulness techniques and sleep. All of our classes are based on curriculum curated for proven effectiveness.